Spring is in the air, but is it in your home?

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(NC)—A mild breeze, the sound of birds chirping, the first buds poking through on branches, spring is a time of lightness, awakening…and dirt?? The new season, characteristically thought of as coming out of hibernation in colder climates, is a time to look forward to, as well as time that requires some work to fully enjoy it. “There’s no need to fear the spring clean,” says Mike Chalut, lifestyle expert on W Network’s Kim’s Rude Awakenings. “Identify the areas that need work, ready your supplies and rally the family together to get the job done!”

Welcome in the spring by swapping out winter clothes for lighter, brighter, warm weather clothes. After months of storage, items may be in need of freshening. Why not use a laundry detergent that cleans and is more sensible for the environment? For example, Arm & Hammer Essentials laundry detergent with biodegradable plant based soaps gives your clothes a true spring cleaning.

In the workhorse room of the house, kitchen countertops, sinks and appliances see regular cleanings, but in the spirit of spring cleaning, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and tackle one area that likely needs some attention: the fridge. “Toss old food into the compost bin and clean all the surfaces of the fridge – walls, shelves and drawers – with a safe, effective cleanser you probably already own: baking soda,” suggests Chalut. Sprinkle it right onto the surface, scrub and rinse well to rid your fridge of stains or greasy residue. Best of all, it deodorizes as it cleans so do the same in your waste receptacles including compost and recycling bins and say goodbye to the smells with the spills.

Spring celebrates the return of fresh, local produce including the option to pick-your-own on many farms. After cleaning the fridge, take a few extra minutes to carefully clean any dirt or residue from fruit and vegetables before placing them into the crisper drawers. Baking soda, sprinkled onto a damp, soft sponge is an effective and natural way to clean so you can enjoy the tastes of the season.

An oft-forgotten part of the home that takes a lot of abuse year-round are carpets. Up the ante of your regular vacuuming routine with a simple, pre-vacuuming sprinkle of Arm & Hammer powder. “What these products lend to your carpets and area rugs is superior deodorization,” says Chalut. “Pets, spilled food, bare feet, and micro-particles you can’t even see contribute to a less-than-clean carpet. Start with a good vacuum with a HEPA filter and pair it with a powerful carpet and room odour eliminator, which penetrates deep and vacuums out, powering out the toughest odours and leaving behind a fresh scent.”

“Spring cleaning can be less of a chore with a safe, effective cleanser such as baking soda, and of course a bit of elbow grease,” laughs Chalut. “You can then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour, inside or out, and enjoy the sights and smells of spring.”

More spring cleaning and deodorizing tips can be found online at www.armhammer.ca.