What everyone ought to know about conserving water

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(NC)—We turn on a tap and out it pours; cool and refreshing or hot and soothing. Water is part of our everyday lives. But what we may take for granted as an infinite resource may not be as unlimited as it appears.

While water covers close to 80 percent of the earth’s surface, drinking water—a life essential—comes from only two sources; water accessible beneath the earth’s surface and above ground fresh water from lakes, rivers and streams. A growing concern around the world however, is that water is being drawn out more quickly than it can replenish itself.

So what can you do to conserve this precious resource?

In your house: If possible, replace your old toilet with a modern low-flush one. While using only about half the water of old-style toilets, most newer models are highly efficient.

At work: Your office may have a communal dishwasher. Wash only full loads and remember to replace the spray heads to reduce flow.

Around the world: Water is a global resource, so consider helping to manage water supplies in underprivileged communities around the world. Charities like Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, an international development organization, allow you to help build rainwater harvesting tanks. The tanks harvest, protect, and retain rainwater for daily use in places where drinking water is contaminated with bacteria and disease. More information is available online at www.ccfcanada.ca.