How to select the right lawn mower

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(NC)—Mowing may seem like a chore, but with the right equipment you can get a manicured lawn without too much effort. Whether you need to mow a small yard or tend to 40 acres, The Home Depot has the right equipment for every lawn size and budget. Selecting the right mower for your outdoor needs may seem daunting at first, but here are some helpful tips to help make the process easier.

Understanding what your lawn needs is an important first step in helping choose the right mower.

• A push reel mower (cuts with a scissor-like action of rotating blades passing over a stationary knife) is perfect if you have a small lawn.

• A gas or electric powered rotary mower (cuts with a circular blade that rotates under a protective housing), is the most popular type of lawn mower, and is great for medium to large lawns.

• Self-propelled mowers are easier to use if you have a hilly yard or a large lawn.

• Choose a riding lawn mower if you have a large property.

Whatever the size of your yard, buying a mower that’s large enough and has enough power to handle the job will make lawn mowing easier. Things to look for and compare when purchasing a mower include: weight, power, cost, safety features, ease of starting, handling and maneuverability, and ease of clipping disposal.

Did you know that a standard gas mower can emit the same amount of common air pollutants in one hour as driving a new car over 550km? If you are in the market for a new lawn mower consider some of the greener options available. Push reel, electric, rechargeable and solar powered mowers are all great eco-friendly options that will help you have a green mowing season.

If your lawn mower is so heavy that you can hardly push it, with an engine so loud your neighbours complain every time you turn it on, it might be time to invest in a new mower. Visit or your local The Home Depot store for more tips on finding a mower that’s right for you.