Electricity: Better safe than sorry

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(NC)—Today’s life is chock full of a multitude of small repetitive acts, most of them completely ordinary, where electricity plays a lead role. Now, although “Electricity” is not a synonym for “danger”, it can nevertheless bring about accidents of many kinds, from insignificant to life threatening.

By following Hydro-Québec’s tips for household security, you will be able to avoid accidents and truly enjoy a power source that will give you both comfort and well being.

• Keep your eyes open at all times. In your home, there are many sources of danger, and the possibilities of an accident wherein electricity is a causal factor are numerous. Rooms where water is present – bathrooms, kitchens – require greater vigilance because the presence of water increases the risk of electric shocks. Be careful when using electrical equipment in these rooms: dry your hands as well as possible, and do not allow any electrical appliance or tool to make contact with water.

• Do not use any electrical apparatus whatever – hair dryer, razor, etc. – in the bathroom if the electric outlet is not equipped with a protection system (differential circuit breaker).

• Always unplug electric cooking devices (electric frying pans, casseroles, etc.) before cleaning them.

• Always disconnect the humidifier, steam iron, and coffee machine before filling them with water.

• Do you use several electrical devices? Use several different electrical outlets.

• Do you have unused electrical devices? Unplug them.

• Do you need additional outlets? Use a power bar equipped with a surge protector.

• Is your device already plugged in? Use extra caution.

• Did a slice of bread get caught in the toaster? Disconnect the toaster BEFORE removing the bread.

• Does a light bulb need to be changed? Unplug the lamp BEFORE removing the old bulb.