Tips for a Greener Edmonton Lawn

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There are a few tips to mowing lawns correctly. Done right, mowing can reduce the need to use any additional herbicides in your Edmonton yard. Growing a good stand of healthy grass makes it more difficult for weeds to sprout. Mowing too seldom or too short can cause the yard to turn brown and permit lawn diseases to attack the already stressed grass.

Preserving a proper height is essential. Most varieties of turf ought be cut when the blades grow to four inches high. Allowing a lawn to grow higher than this may cause a lawn to go into shock when it’s finally cut. Using mulching blades return the grass clippings to the soil where they become their own fertilizer.

Except for a few short southern grasses, the mower height should be set to three inches. Many home owners clip the grass too short, thinking that they will not have to mow again so soon. But trimming it too short can also shock the grass. Taller grass will stay greener. It shades the soil and prevents weeds from germinating.

Grass grows at different rates throughout the growing season. Differences in the amount of rain, light, and temperature all influence the rate of growth. Your mowing schedule needs to adjust to the height of the grass and not be scheduled to conform to a calendar. When the lawn grows most quickly in the spring, it usually needs to be cut more often. During a dry season, it may require cutting only every other week.

Maintaining the lawn properly and on a regular basis will save work in the long run.

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