Prepare your home properly for the cold weather

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(NC)—We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but it’s just as important to get your house in shape for the cold weather season, before the temperature drops. To make sure your home is properly prepared for the elements, do a few simple checks.
• Protect pipes. Cold weather time is the prime season for freezing or cracking pipes. Protect your exposed pipes with foam insulated pipe covers to prevent damage during the winter.
• Check the furnace. Make sure your furnace is functioning properly before the cold weather sets in, so you won’t have to suffer through days without heat. Have a technician stop by to make sure it’s in good shape, or, at the least, install a new filter to ensure high performance during the cold weather.
• Seal out drafts. Keep your heating bill and thermostat down by sealing up drafts around doors and windows. Install foam seals or re-caulk around doors, and add an insulating film over windows, such as Duck brand Roll-On Window Kits. Don’t forget to install Socket Sealers too, since even electrical sockets can be a source of drafts.
• Cover up your patio furniture. Make sure grills, patio furniture and air conditioning units are properly sealed up in plastic to protect them from damage during the winter. If possible – put them in the garage.
• Stock up on cold weather supplies. Pick up plenty of salt for the driveway, buy a few new shovels and put some extra antifreeze in your car so you’re prepared for the cold weather.
Don’t wait until the temperature drops to get your home in shape – act now and you’ll be relaxed and cozy when the first snow falls. More details are available online at