How to keep your new home mould-free

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Mould spores can be found virtually everywhere, both indoors and out. They can grow on almost any material, including wood, paper, drywall, carpet and food. All that spores need are dampness, a food source and time. This means the key to preventing mould is managing the moisture levels in your home. You may think that […]

Radon health risks require testing

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Since you can’t smell, taste or see radon gas that is present in most homes, how can you make sure your home is safe? The only way to know for sure is to purchase a radon test kit and measure the levels of radon in your home. Outdoors, radon gas is diluted and doesn’t pose […]

Should you do it yourself?

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Planning a DIY renovation project? Here are some questions to ask yourself first. Do you have the skills? Many of today’s home improvement products make it easy for do-it-yourselfers, but other projects require specialized skills. Seeing something done on a television renovation show isn’t the same as having practical experience. Getting in over your head […]