Radon health risks require testing

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Since you can’t smell, taste or see radon gas that is present in most homes, how can you make sure your home is safe? The only way to know for sure is to purchase a radon test kit and measure the levels of radon in your home. Outdoors, radon gas is diluted and doesn’t pose […]

first-time homebuyers

What millennials want in a home

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When entering the residential market, it’s important to appeal to as many people as possible, especially young, first-time homebuyers. They’re one of Canada’s fastest-growing markets, but their tastes and priorities are quite different. “The next generation of first-time homebuyers knows exactly what they want in their first major investment,” explains Christopher Alexander, regional director at […]

New home buyers find free financial tools online

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(NC) Buying a home is often stressful and involves lots of considerations. One of the first is what amount should you borrow given your circumstances. Many financial institutions and mortgage brokers offer mortgage calculators. You can also check out the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s (FCAC) free calculator, as well as other free tools and […]

CMHC hiking mortgage insurance premiums for third time in 4 years – The Globe and Mail

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Well, it’s becoming even harder for first-time buyers or those with less than 20% down. After rising mortgage interest rates and tighter rules for qualifying, now CMHC is raising mortgage insurance premiums. What that means in terms of dollars, is that someone buying an average home in Edmonton with a 5% down payment will have […]